Teesside Lady Golfers' Alliance

Promoting Ladies' Golf throughout Teesside

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TLGA Rules


Membership of the Alliance is open to all lady golfers from affiliated clubs with an active handicap of 34 or under.  However, any person with a handicap greater than 30 whilst playing in competition in an event must play off a 30 handicap.

New and existing members

Any new members to the TLGA may join at any time during the year but existing members have only until the date of the AGM to join.


The TLGA Management Committee will determine the entry fee for each event and amount of the prizes awarded for each year.

Prizes will be awarded according to two divisions – Silver and Bronze.  Silver division will be for handicaps of 20 and below and Bronze will be for handicaps of 21 to 30.

Anyone winning a net prize may not win a gross prize at a particular event.  The net prize takes preference over the gross prize.


Entries to all events must be made by entering your name and your desired options for timing (it is extremely helpful if two preferred options are provided) upon an entry sheet which will be displayed in the prescribed place within your club.

All entries must be returned to the Secretary by 10 am on the Friday 10 days prior to the event date.


Whilst the secretariat will endeavour to meet everyone’s requirements in terms of start times, sometimes this may not be possible.  If you have specific time requirements due to personal circumstances, please make your representative aware of them so they can be relayed to the Secretary.


Professional Lady Golfers may join the TLGA but they cannot compete for the prizes in the event, and in team games neither can their partners.


Substitutes in any competitions will be allowed after the draw has been made and must be notified to the organiser prior to the start of the competition.

Balloting Out Procedure

Details of the Balloting Out Procedure adopted by the Management Committee can be found in the folder.  For your information, the members with the best attendance record stand the best chance of not being balloted out.


In the case of a cancellation of one team member in a Pairs Competition, the other team member will be obliged to attend the event to mark a card for their opponents.

If a player refuses their start time or does not arrive at their appointed start time, whilst there has been no closure of the course they must withdraw from the competition.  In certain circumstances the organiser may allocate an amended start time.


At any event if there are less than 50 entrants excluding players from the host club, then the event may be cancelled and not rearranged.


If an event is over-subscribed then the order of play will be determined using a balloting out procedure, a copy of which is held by your representative and can be viewed by any member at any time.


Any cancellation made after the entries have been submitted by a member, must be made in accordance with the TLGA Cancellation Policy, a copy of which is held by your representative and can be viewed by any member at any time.


If the course is closed after the event has started, the organising committee may suspend play or in the case where play becomes impossible, they may declare the competition null and void.  The event will not be replayed during that year.


It was agreed that players could use buggies if they have conditions and injuries that preclude them from playing 18 holes.  If the rep knows that one of her players is going to use a buggy, she should mark this on the entry form then the organiser could possibly arrange for two players to share the buggy cost.  It is, however, up to the players to book and pay for a buggy and cancel one if necessary and to check their availability on the day.  Buggies may be out of use due to wet conditions for example.