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Running an Event at Your Club

Once the TLGA has handed over the draw to the Representative of the Host Club, the Management Committee has handed over the running of the event to the Host Club.  Your organisation is therefore in charge of the decisions regarding the interpretation of the Rules of Golf and the Rules of our organisation.  Any alteration in the order of play as prescribed by the draw sheet can only be made by the Club organisers and only in the exceptional circumstances.  Please ensure your table volunteers and/or starters are aware of this.


The TLGA would like to see the following items as a template for each event if at all possible:

  • A registration table manned by volunteers from prior to commencement of play until the last players have completed their round

  • To make available on the registration table a mobile phone so that the Secretary can inform them of anyone cancelling on the day of play

  • To ensure players’ handicaps are correct and that cards are issued and received back and checked after completion of their round

  • Players understand the nature of the game to be played

  • Players are as prescribed on the draw sheet and the draw sheet is amended as required

  • To provide a suitable results sheet to display the scores after the last players have gone out

  • Provide a team of starters to ensure all players

    • Start on time and understand the game to be played

    • Where and what the 150 yd markers are together with any other distance markers

    • If there are any flags indicating the position of the flag on the green

    • Any other characteristics peculiar to the course