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History of the Alliance

From the Evening Gazette in January 1955

Alliance golf for women

Women’s golf in the Greater Teesside area takes a further step towards competitive prominence to run Alliance golf meetings.


Already Eaglescliffe ladies, who sponsored the idea and called the first gathering of enthusiasts this week have secured active support from Teesside, Saltburn, Darlington, Dinsdale and Middlesbrough sections. 


Cleveland, Seaton Carew and Hartlepool ladies are expected to add further backing to a venture that tees off in the practical sense on Monday 18th April 1955.


Committee elected

Thereafter, right through the year, competitions will be held on every third Monday in the month over the courses of cooperating clubs.


Mrs E N Cardno, Eaglescliffe ladies Hon Secretary, has been elected Alliance Hon Secretary to the following small committee charged with pushing the business on: Mrs J Bell (Darlington), Mrs Russell (Teesside), Mrs Cumming (Saltburn) and Miss Calvert (Middlesbrough).


Members, it was agreed, should pay an annual subscription of 2s 6d and a half-a-crown entry fee for each event with which to buy prizes.  (2s 6d or half-a-crown is equivalent to 12 ½ pence today)


A handicap limit of 30 has been laid down.  The committee to meet again soon to settle further details and to draw up a programme of events which it believes will attract considerable support.

Meeting Thursday 24th February 1955


At this meeting, the Secretary reported that the Evening Gazette had donated a trophy to be awarded to the individual competitor returning the best aggregate over the season of 4 Medal cards.   This was changed to 3 cards the following year.  The cup was presented at the AGM each year, then a replica was given to the winner to keep.


The Evening Gazette Trophy remains the most prestigious award in the Alliance today.


Programme for 1955 – 56


  • 18th April               Eaglescliffe          Stroke

  • 16th May                Dinsdale                Foursome, Stableford

  • 20th June               Saltburn               Stroke

  • 18th July                Darlington           Stroke in the morning/Foursomes in the afternoon

  • 15th August          Dinsdale               Stroke in the morning/Foursomes in the afternoon

  • 19th September   Teesside               Bogey

  • 17th October        Middlesbrough   Stroke

  • 21st November    Cleveland             Stableford

  • 19th December   Seaton Carew     Stroke

  • 16th January       Hartlepool           Greensome

  • 20th February     Darlington           Bogey

  • 19th March          Cleveland            Stroke


Note: there was a competition every month, even throughout the winter, but not surprisingly these were regularly cancelled due to poor weather.  Presumably, on the days when there were two competitions, you entered one or the other, but if you felt fit enough, you could do both!  At Dinsdale in June 1956 there was a double meeting with 44 ladies playing in a Stroke competition in the morning and 54 played in a Bogey competition after lunch.


The value of the prizes for the competitions was 1st £3; 2nd £2; 3rd £1.10s and 4th £1 and it was suggested that these take the form of golf equipment and the selection to be made by the Secretary of the club upon whose course the event was played.


Entries were sent by post to the Secretary and the draw was made on the Thursday preceding the competition and published in the Evening Gazette.   There is reference to ladies missing the draw occasionally because they missed the post or their entries weren’t delivered on time.


Meeting 28th April 1955


At this meeting it was reported that the Teesside Lady Golfers’ Alliance already had 128 members and their first fixture they had made a profit of 7s 6d (37 ½ p).  This was after paying the Professional at Eaglescliffe a guinea (£1.1s) – it became usual practice to pay the Pro this amount as he was the Starter for competitions.


First AGM held at Teesside Golf Club on 18th October 1955


The membership had grown to 151 made up as follows:


  • Bishop Auckland             9

  • Cleveland                         17

  • Darlington                        10

  • Dinsdale                           9

  • Eaglescliffe                       23

  • Middesbrough                38

  • Saltburn                            16

  • Seaton Carew                  5

  • Teesside                           24


It was agreed at this meeting that one representative from each club with membership should be elected and from these members a President, Secretary/Treasurer should be named.  The following were elected:


  • President                          Miss J Calvert, Middlesbrough

  • Secretary/Treasurer       Mrs M Bell, Darlington

  • Committee                       Mrs D Russell, Teesside

    • Mrs E Wiley, Eaglescliffe

    • Mrs N Alderson, Bishop Auckland

    • Mrs J Cumming, Saltburn

    • Dinsdale, Cleveland and Seaton Carew were not represented at the meeting and Hartlepool had no members to date.


Clubs continued to join the Alliance as follows:


  • 1955      Bishop Auckland

    • Cleveland

    • Darlington

    • Dinsdale (Spa)

    • Eaglescliffe

    • Hartlepool

    • Middesbrough

    • Saltburn

    • Seaton Carew

    • Teesside


  • 1968     Castle Eden

  • 1970     Billingham

  • 1970     Barnard Castle

  • 1972      Catterick

  • 1974      Wilton

  • 1975      Richmond

  • 1977      Blackwell Grange

  • 1995      Hunley (Hall)

  • 2016     Romanby

  • 2016      Woodham (left the TLGA 2020)

  • 2017     Ingleby Barwick